Company Background

Autostyle Wheels Direct ltd was started in September of 1988. The business was very small for the first couple of years after it started. When the company continued to grow, we wanted to maintain our focus on customer service and low prices. We wanted to avoid the nonsense you often have to deal with when you are buying from one of the ‘Big Guy’s’. We’ve had experience with companies like that in the past. The ‘Once you purchase, you are forgotten’ mentality. This is not the type of company we want to have. We want our company to create a more professional experience than you have ever had on the Internet. Our staff are a caring, courteous and a friendly group of people. If you have an experience that does not reflect this, we encourage you to talk to contact us, so it can be taken care of and any unsatisfactory behaviour corrected.

Mission Statement

It is our mission at Autostyle Wheels Direct ltd to provide our clientele with the best products and customer service at the lowest possible price. We are very committed, especially as you our customers, through word of mouth, provide our best advertising. We are also continually negotiating with our suppliers to try and keep our costs as low as possible, so we can pass the savings onto you. This has been especially difficult as of late with rising material costs, but you have our word that we will continue to try and offer these great products at great prices.

Our Facilities

We are located in the North West of England. Our warehouse area is over 5,000sq. With this space we then can have over 3,000 wheels and over 1,000 tyres in stock at any given time. With this type of space and the amount of inventory, there is a very good chance of us having the type of tyre or wheel you would like and that will fit you desires but, if not, we can order any wheels or tyres that you feel necessary for your vehicle. Our showroom is located just off the M62 Motorway in Liverpool England and we are happy for you to come and visit us.

Our Machinery

Here at Autostyle Wheels Direct ltd we invest in the most recent and best quality machinery to ensure that we are able to provide the highest level of precision service in a timely manner. Due to our recent investment in the Hoffman Megamount 701 XL Tyre fitting machine we are now able to deal much more efficiently with our ever increasing work load.

Company Information

Company number: 06936027

Registered office address:
Second Floor, Honeycomb Building,
Edmund Street,
L3 9NG